About Us

Dockside Vapors is a small company focused on bringing a delicious and reliable product to our customers. We only use the highest rated USP Certified Vegetable Glycerin and 100% VG Nude Nicotine. All of our flavors are diacetyl free. We ensure that all of our mixtures are calculated to the closest degree by using calibrated measuring equipment in an FDA Guideline kitchen environment. To ensure safety, our bottles ship with child-proof, tamper-proof caps. Dockside, Alabama's most flavorful e-liquid!

Ever wonder where your E-liquid is made?


In a climate-controlled clean room in the heart of Dixie, Dockside Vapors LLC produces a quality product in a laboratory environment. Equipped with commercial VCT tiled floors and FRP wrapped walls, the facility was constructed in order to preserve and maintain a clean room, so you don’t have to worry about outside influences in your juice. The facility is temperature controlled to 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the optimal temperature for the scientifically calibrated graduated cylinders, beakers and pumps.


All of our bottling materials are washed, rinsed and sanitized before storage in air-tight containers for future use.


This ensures that outside particles not caught by the HEPA filters in the air conditioning system do not contaminate the bottles.


Flavoring and VG/Nicotine are dispensed in calibrated Seripettor pumps to ensure consistency and accuracy in every bottle.


Once the bottles are made, they are labeled with Kiaro! labels with warning labels, VG content and nicotine levels. All of the mixing and filling is done on NSF certified stainless steel surfaces. Our VG is 99.7% pure, and is kept in a sealed storage container until use. Dockside Vapors LLC goes through these stringent environmental procedures and practices to ensure that every time you purchase a bottle, it tastes like the last one. Our commitment is to you, the customer, because you are what matters most in this industry!


Dockside Vapors LLC

40 Commerce Dr Ste G

Pelham AL 35124